On the importance of communication – Interview with Dawid Mikulski, Run Management Team Lead

About Dawid Mikulski, Run Management Team Lead (Poland)

Dawid started at Digital Workforce in 2017, joining our first team in Poland when it was just five people strong. After finishing his training, he started supporting Nordea as an RPA Developer. Dawid’s background made adjusting to the new role relatively straightforward: He had previously worked as a Business Analyst, which taught him a lot about managing customer relationships and communications. He also had experience from implementing VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) automation that helped him to understand RPA quickly.

Once Dawid begun his work at Nordea, the team grew fast, with a rate of 5 people coming in each month. In March 2018 Dawid took on the position of Nordea’s Team Manager. And after working in this role for a year, he took on a new job as the Polish Run Management Team Lead. Run Management is part of Digital Workforce’s Continuous Services, and Dawid also participates in a Steering Group dedicated to developing these services.


Dawid’s thoughts about his development at Digital Workforce:

Why do you think you were selected in the role of Team Manager at Nordea, and more recently as Run Management Team Lead?

“I didn’t think about growing into a Team Manager when I first joined Digital Workforce, back then, I still had a lot to learn a lot as a RPA Developer! But when discussions about development opportunities started with my manager, I knew to take that step was going to be the right one for me. I have always been a people-person and found the idea exciting. I wanted to be someone that others could rely on and contribute to the development of the company.”

“Before applying, I had some discussions with my manager about my work at Nordea, and I believe I showed eagerness to develop myself in the discussions. This probably played into me eventually being selected for the role at Nordea. I also think that I’ve had a positive attitude about helping others whenever I can and that this was visible to my manager and showed my potential for the role.”

“As for the job of Run Management Team Lead, first of all I am very happy to be part of the team. I really like the energy and the direction towards which we as a team are going to. I believe the future is very bright, and I will support the team and company to the best of my ability.

Has your newest role met your expectations?

“Being a Team Manager at a customer site was a bit different from being a Team Lead in the office. The fact that I was on site determined many of my responsibilities, but this was to be expected.”

“I feel like getting the Team Manager role helped me find and utilize my strengths; I belong here and have a connection with the company. I enjoy seeing the company grow and now in my new role I get to have more influence on how our services are developed. That is something I’m very excited about.”

What have been your biggest challenges?

“In the beginning, we used to have a lot of meetings with Nordea to define new ways of communication, manage expectations, discuss what needs to be done to take Nordea’s RCOE to next level - it was definitely a challenge, especially because of the fact that customer’s expectations were changing on a regular basis. My ambition was to make things transparent between my team and the customer and make results visible. The transition period was smooth but required a lot of work which paid off in the end.”

“Another challenge as Nordea’s Team Manager was to keep myself on top of things happening both in the office and on-site. Sometimes it felt it would be easier if I could split in two, but it’s part of the job to find a balance and pay attention to communication.”

“Finally, due to the rapid expansion in Poland, we have to work harder to keep the close-knit positive atmosphere going in the whole team. That is a positive challenge, but we need to be proactive in it.”

What do you expect from your future career development?

“This may sound a bit cliché, but I want to have a chance to be involved as much as possible in the service improvement process and to be involved in the growth of the company. I value having the opportunity to support the company’s development and develop myself along the way.”

What would you say to others searching for opportunities for career development?

“Like in every situation in life; you need to communicate! Whenever you want to be involved in something - talk. Don't hide it and expect others to read your thoughts but be sure to communicate it and let your manager know about your goals and interests.”

“I feel lucky that at Digital Workforce open communication has always been appreciated, and there hasn’t been any reason why I couldn’t share my thoughts. The key to my development has really been communication, communication, communication.”

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